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Hey i'm Charlie! I love Bastille... and well thats it really, follow me if you like bastille related stuff xD ask me all the questions you want !

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A bar for ghosts where they sell boo’s

and spirits

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when u post a selfie and nobody reblogs it image

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Bastille question tag

I was tagged by nobodylovesaloser , thank you! :)
1. When did you first hear Bastille’s music?
When I walked up into my room and my brother was sat on his bed on the laptop listening to pompeii when it was all the rage :’)

2. What was the first bastille song you heard?
Pompeii (still love it)

3. Fav song from “Bad Blood”?
I hope this includes the extended cut :P The silence

4. Fav song exclusively from “All this Bad Blood”?

5. Favorite cover?
Requiem for blue jeans

6. Fav song lyric?
‘A shadow cast upon a wall, a silhouette and nothing more’

7. Fav live version of a song?
The Draw

8. Fav acoustic version of a song?
Pompeii (if bbc radio live lounge version counts) If not bad blood

9. Fav music video?
Bad blood or Bad_news

10. Blame or Campus?
Blame!!!! ✌️✌️✌️

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I was tagged by kyles-cats, thank you lovely! :)

1. When did you first hear Bastille’s music?

First on the radio (pompeii) but i didn’t realize it was Bastille. I first heard released who Bastille were from all-of-our-f-l-a-w-s , as he played and sang there songs literally ALL the…

dan:here's britney spears
dan:with toxic
dan:*plays hit me baby one more time*


Raining Spiders

In the southern Brazilian town of Santo Antônio da Platina, hundreds of spiders can be seen hanging from telephone and power poles.

The species of spider are Anelosimus eximius, which are classified as social spiders. They weave a massive web which allows them to capture bigger or more prey than an individual spider’s web would.

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For those of you that have Netflix and feel like you’ve run out of movies to watch, I have some awesome info for you. Download an extension (all popular browsers) called Hola. It will unlock netflix’s region for you, so you can watch Netflix all…

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